At Corinthian we are delighted and privileged to be able to design and make some of the most exquisite contemporary and traditional furniture being made in the world today. We produce luxury furniture that is exquisitely designed and beautifully crafted from the finest materials from around the world. Very few companies can claim appreciation in their product over a period of time. Fine handmade furniture is one of these; its value appreciates, particularly when it is made from an original design or by a well known maker. All of our furniture is signed traditionally with a stamp.

Commissioning a piece of furniture from Corinthian can be an exciting and rewarding experience. We like to involve our clients from the initial design concept in which technical drawings are generated depicting the size of the piece, the materials to be used and the specific specification of the piece or special features for instance, lighting requirements, the housing of audio visual technology or any other integral functionality required of the furniture.